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Aug. 28th, 2017 08:00 am
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Welcome to Steve Bucky Exchange!

This is a fic and art gift exchange for MCU's version of Steve and Bucky. It will be possible to match on either platonic or romantic/sexual takes on their relationship. The challenge can be found here on AO3. Questions to the mods can be posted to the community or emailed to sbexchangemod@gmail.com

2017 Schedule
• Signups Open: Friday, September 1 (6:00pm Chihuahua Time)
• Signups Close: Sunday, September 10 (8:00pm Chihuahua Time)
• Assignments Sent: No later than Wednesday, September 13 (7:00pm Chihuahua Time)
• Assignments Due: Saturday, November 11 (7:00pm Chihuahua Time)
• Works Reveals: Saturday, November 18 (7:00pm Chihuahua Time)
• Author/Artist Reveals: Saturday, November 25 (7:00pm Chihuahua Time)

Beta Post

Sep. 11th, 2017 04:27 pm
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This post is for volunteering as a beta reader/viewer for this exchange. If you would be happy to look through another creator's fic or art drafts, please comment here!

Please give the following information (and any other info you think would be helpful):

AO3 name: (so your gifter doesn't enquire about your own gift!)
How to contact you:
Media you can beta (fic/art):
Content you're not willing to beta:
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Matching is done and assignments are out! Everyone had a potential recipient, which is lovely. :D

Assignments are due Saturday, November 11th at 07:00PM Chihuahua Time. There's a countdown HERE

We have just one initial pinch-hit. If you are interested in claiming it, please comment to this post with your AO3 name (comments on this post are screened!). You don't have to be signed up to the exchange to claim a pinch hit. The due date for this pinch hit will be the same as assignments.


Any issues, please email me at sbexchangemod@gmail.com. For example, if you received an assignment for something you didn't offer, please email!
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I'll run preliminary matching now. There may be one or two people without possible recipients whom I'll need to contact; I will send these people emails tomorrow morning MDT. You will have 24 hours to reply, so please check! If I don't hear back in that time about whether you can add more offers, I will unfortunately have to delete these signups.

I'm reopening signups overnight in case there are any last minute stragglers, but signups will be firmly closed when I get up in the morning. If you sign up overnight, please triple check to make sure that there are people requesting what you are offering.

Assignments should go out by Tuesday evening MDT. If you'd like to peruse the requests in the meantime, you'll find find the full set here.

If you would like to add more prompts to your requests or link to a letter, please send me an email at sbexchangemod@gmail.com.
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Signups will close at 8pm Chihuahua time tomorrow Sunday September 10. (That's 10pm EDT, for clarity.)

As a reminder, signups are HERE

Sign up! The more the merrier!
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Some links:
• Tagset Glossary: here
• Requests Summary: here

Signup instructions are in the FAQ here, but the overall gist is:
• Signups will be open until Sunday, September 10 (8:00pm Chihuahua Time)
• All requests and offers must be for MCU fandom
Requests: You can make 1-10 requests, one for each Medium+Relationship Type you’re interested in receiving. Each request must contain at least 2 Setting Type tags. However, you are only guaranteed to match on ONE Setting tag per Medium+Relationship Type.
Offers: You can make 1-10 offers, one for each Medium+Relationship Type you’re interested in giving. Each offer must contain at least 3 Setting Type tags. However, you are only guaranteed to match on ONE tag per offer.

Over the next few days there will be posts here on Dreamwidth for letters and beta offers. Participation in this is optional!

Any questions, feel free to comment here or email sbexchangemod@gmail.com.

Note: There is a known AO3 bug that sometimes causes nominated tags not to appear in the drop-down menus. If you encounter this, copy and paste the tag straight from the tagset.
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Hi everyone! Hope you're excited (we are).

Before kicking things off, here is some (admittedly quite wordy) explanation about how tags and signups will work, as well as an opportunity for feedback.

The tagset is here.
Tag Glossary )

Please ask (or answer) questions in the comments. Anon commenting is enabled.
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These Rules & FAQ will be finalized and uploaded to the community profile before signups open.

2017 Exchange Parameters )

Signups )

Matching )

Assignments )

Posting )

Defaulting )

Pinch Hits )

Treats )


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